February 03, 2011


After work yesterday, I met up with my two brothers from other Mothers - Ryan (Ra) and Kasey (Krod). It was so awesome to finally catch up. It was long overdue. I missed hanging out and just chatting up a storm (especially when they have alcohol in their system LOL).

On a side note - a gummy bear shot is candy in a shot glass. I must say it was pretty yummo.

I cannot wait for my love to meet them. Ra and Krod are a part of my family. My bros. LOL.

Oh the things we talk about...hmmm was very interesting.

I knew I was going to be grilled about Joshy. Thank you Krod. Hahaha.

When it comes my Joshy, the love of my life, there is nothing but AMAZING things. He is good man, beautiful on the inside and out. I love him with all my heart.

Last night was much needed. I love how we can just pick up where we left off. No awkward moment at all. I love those guys. Truly my brothers.


February 01, 2011


As I was driving to work this morning I was not really thinking about anything. My drive started off as one of those drives where you end up at your destination and you wonder “how the hekk did I get here so fast?”

Well half way through my 20-30 minute drive to the office my imagination started kicking in. I started having ideas for a new story.

One fun fact about me - I love to write. I have been writing in journals/dairies for as long as I can remember. I have tons of journals. Some completely filled with my words, some not. I love to write poetry, short stories…I just love to write. It is a part of me. I am not a great writer, that I know. LOL. My stuff is mediocre compared to others. But that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love.

Anyhoooo…where was I? Oh…

I am not going to say what I am to write because it is a work in progress as of NOW. Hahaha. As soon as I got to work I busted out with my journal and started writing down everything I have in my head. I hope to turn it into my first book. I cannot wait to get home, grab my MBP and start typing away…