October 31, 2010

Back to life...

My mini vacay has come to an end. I am currently at OAK International Airport, sitting by my gate. I still have one more hour to kill. The airport is pretty dead right now.


Halloween is the time of year for your inner slut to come out...per Barney Stinson BAHAHA!

My weekend here in the Bay Area was fun. Good times hanging out with the cousins. I am kind of bummed that the weather is starting to pick up the day I leave. Since I got here Thursday it has been cold, cloudy and rainy. Today...of all days...it is Sunny and warm. So lame! Mother nature so does not like me right now. Hahaha.

Let me recap on my fun filled weekend...

I arrived Thursday night past 9 because my flight was delayed a good 35 mintues. My lovely lady cousins, Kaybee, Deniece and Camille picked me up. Later on that evening around 11pm, Kaybee and I hit up the gym.

Friday we all got ready in the morning and just chilled out together. It was fun...we ate of course. So yah...no diet over the weekend. HAHAHA! I've been dieting since December and I needed a break. My cousins kept pressuring me...HAHAHA! I love them. Anyhoo...on Saturday we went to Fisherman's Wharf Pier 39. I drove my aunts car. And that was fun to walk around and just enjoy the sights. Our older cousin, Kuya Jhon, met up with us at Ghiradelli [amazing!]. And from there we had dinner at a sushi restaurant in Sunnyvale. Then back to Hayward where we just chilled in the house.

Today, Sunday, I was up when my darling Sailor called me at 3:42am. Hahaha. I miss him and love him so much! We talked about random stuff, and we talked about moving in together when he gets back. I am pretty excited. Just five more months.

He has been gone 51 one days today. Just have to hang in there. I am very happy the days are going by rather quickly.

So yah...we discussed getting an apartment together. I am really looking forward to that.

Ooooh I have been super sick since I got here. Of course during my mini vacay I just had to get sick. I still feel yucky. I cannot breathe through my mouth, my head hurts and my throat is bugging me. Yay me! LOL!

I am super sleepy right now. I think I am calling in sick to work tomorrow. I seriously do not feel so well. My body aches too. Ugh.

Even though the weather was super crappy...I had a good time. It was much needed.

Well...time to surf the web. LOL!

Til next time.


October 28, 2010

Airport Blues...

Yah so I am here sitting by my gate...and my flight is 35 minutes late. Yippeee [major sarcasm here]. As I am sitting here I get a text message from Southwest Airlines stating that my flight is now at 7:35pm. Yah thanks...I am already here. Gaaaah this bites.

Good thing I brought my MBP and my school stuff. Already posted on one discussion board. Two more to go! Then book work and then makeup chat since I did not attend it on Tuesday evening. I hate attending those things...we have to have headphones with a mic so we can participate. Participate my [insert A word here]!! HAHAHAHA! The purpose of classes online are to avoid dealing with people. Well...at least for me it is. BAHAHAHA! Don't get me wrong, I did not mind attending classes onsite. I met the most awesomest people and made the greatest of friends. BUTT being on campus two nights a week for five hours is not fun. Especially if you have to work 6am Monday through Friday. These online classes are convenient. I just do not like participating in the chat rooms. They are so lame. LOL.

Change of subject...

I am surprised...there are a lot of people here. I wonder where they are all going? I mean it is a weekday. Where do people have to go on a Thursday night?? HAHAHA. Well as for me...I decided to give myself a much needed long weekend. LOL. Time for some fun with family and friends in the Bay Area!! YAY!

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with two of my SFSU gal pals. I cannot wait! It has been ages since we were all together. I miss them dearly.

Then Saturday is a day in the city with the cousins and a possible meet up with my good friend Norbert. He is my first little older brother. Hahaha. Krod is my second. Anyhoo...I have not heard from Norbert in 5 years and homie hits me up via aim! It was so good to hear from him. I was the youngest when we worked in the lab together. And he always had my back like an older brother. Hopefully I get to see him this weekend. It would be totally awesome.

Then I come back home Sunday evening. I'll be home by 6pm. I wanted to be home when the trick-or-treaters came by.

I think I am coming down with something. I currently have a headache [probably from the AC up in this mug] and my throat is killing me! I cannot afford to get sick! I have no sick hours. HAHAHAHAHA! Plus I need to save any possible sick and vacation hours for the trip to Oregon Joshy and I are going to take when he comes home. I am going to meet his Mother!! I am already nervous. It is absolutely redonkulous. Hahaha. Joshy said I am the first girl he is bringing to meet his Mom. I do hope she likes me.

HAHAHA...for once I actually blogged...a completely random blog. But at least it is something.

Kk. Til next time.


October 26, 2010

My Homepage

Check this out!!


I discovered this via Tumblr and had to make one. It is so awesome. Mine is currently under construction.


October 23, 2010

Simple Saturday.

Today is my simple Saturday. Just a day to stay home and mellow out. Well...I still have a final to take and a paper to complete but other than that it is just a day to chill out. LOL.

The final is only 30 short answers...with 45 minutes to take. And the paper is 7-9 pages, APA format. I have done a 15 page paper in as little as 4 hours. I can handle 7-9 pages. LOL. The only thing missing is my research. That will probably take the most time.

Golly gee...I really miss my Joshy. Okay I know I keep saying I miss him. I cannot help it. I really do! LOL!

Hmmm...I am avoiding doing kind of school work right now. What can I say? I put the PRO and ASS in procrasstinator. BAHAHA!!

October 22, 2010

The Little Things.

This morning my darling Sailor called me from Malaysia. I was not in the best of moods this morning, but when he called my little moodiness went away and I was back to good ol' sunshine Jesse.

I miss him so much. He has been gone exactly 41 days. Yes I am still counting. The days are actually going by rather quickly, which is amazingly awesome! LOL!

I just have to hang in there for the next five months or so.


October 19, 2010

Fairytales and Dreams.

I am in love <3

I am a total cheeseball. I KNOW! LOL! But I cannot help it. For once in my life I am happy...truly happy. God has blessed me with a wonderful man and I am deeply in love with him.

He may be away at sea, but every day my love for him grows more and more.

I cannot wait until he comes back home and I can be in his arms again.

I love fairytales and I have always dreamt about meeting my true love.

Fairytales are real, and dreams do come true.


Another day...

Another day has come and gone which means another day closer to the love of my life coming home.

He called me earlier this morning and the sound of his voice made me smile. I miss him so much.

He mos def made my day <3


October 17, 2010


I am a sad, sad daisy. I really miss my Joshy. I haven't received an email from him in a few days. But he did call me yesterday morning. The only thing was that he kept getting disconnected. His last attempt to talk to me, he warned me he might lose connection again. He managed to say "I love you and I miss you." I know he is a busy bee, and he may not have any signal or network up on the ship. I guess I just got so used to hearing from him everyday and now that I don't hear from him I am kinda sad. LOL.

I love and miss my Sailor very much <3


October 04, 2010

A Poem.

by Jerni

I stand still as the world passes me by
I close my eyes and try to catch my breath
I breathe in, breathe out

My eyes are open and suddenly I lose my breath

You stand in front of me with eyes so full of love
It leaves me breathless

Suddenly we are the only ones standing in the middle
In the middle of nowhere
But nowhere is somewhere when I am with you

The world stops and I finally can breathe
Every breath I take is because I live to love you
To love you with all my heart for all eternity

I stand still as the world passes me by
But it does not matter now that you are with me
Together we stand, hand in hand
Ready to take on the world

Monday, Monday.

I am super duper sleepy right now as I sit in the juror lounge, lounging around. LOL! I did not bring any homework with me because today is my day to do everything else besides school work. Hahaha.

Well, another day hanging in the courthouse while deliberation is in process. Oy vey. Eh...I should not really complain, it is another day off from work after all. =]

I miss my Joshy. I know I say it over and over again...especially on Facebook and Twitter. LOL! But I cannot help it. I really, really miss him. It is like a part of me is missing. I cannot wait until he comes back to me =] I love him.

He has been gone a total of 23 days. Yes I am counting the days until he comes back. Surprisingly the days have been going by rather quickly. I guess it is because I have been trying to keep myself super busy.

I am going back to hula...I am super stoked. I will go back sometime this month. Right now my class is learning a new dance, and the Kokua said that it would be better to come back after that. She said she doesn't want me to be overwhelmed. I am just waiting on the call and I am going back to dance. YAY!

Ooooh!! On Friday [Oct. 1st] my Mom purchased an elliptical. I motorized one! I am pretty excited. I already cancelled my gym membership. I'll save 30 dollars a month and gas! I've been working out at home anyway. We have a treadmill, treadclimber and a Bowflex. HAHAHA. Free membership.


October 03, 2010

Good Times.

My broski and I just got home from watching a movie with my dearest gal pal Laney. She wanted to watch a comedy and I was in the mood for something scurry. So we opted for Case 39...and I must say it is an okay movie. It had its jumpy OMG moments, and it had its WTF moments. HAHAHA! It was a decent scurry movie for sure.

It is always fun catching up with Laney. Even though we haven't seen each other in almost a year...we always pick up where we left off. We had lots of laughs. I heart that girl. Lol.

It is past midnight and I am exhausted. Time to hit the shower and get some Zzz's.


October 02, 2010


He wrote me another poem =]

I am truly thankful and blessed to have him in my life.


I love Joshua M. Miller


One of my favorite poems...

Sirena [the Mermaid] Sings
by Barbara J. Pulmano Reyes

It's the beauty of a cloudless sky
And rolling hills of green
Or rocky mountains caped with snow and fragrant pines
That I smell on your skin
Or the warmth of the sun baking you browner and browner
As you sit by the ocean, stare fixed on the horizon

Into my world I wish I could bring you
Draw you inside and keep you warm
I could teach you to fly
If you dream about floating away
Into a timeless quiet
Where soft green light transforms us both
Into fairy tales and fantasy

Somehow, there is a way
Between our two wolrds

We still meet
At that point where land meets water
Where my songs lead you to the ends of the earth --
There, I am waiting with arms to embrace you
With passion that forces the waves to crash onto rocks
And a love that absorbs the heat of the morning sun


Messing Around w/ PhotoBooth. LOL!! from NiokoOno on Vimeo.

My Love.

My love for Joshua grows more and more each day. He called me earlier today and it was so nice to hear his voice. The first time he called me was last Sunday September 26 @ 4:55am. I actually teared up when he called. I miss him so much. Hearing his voice just brightened my day. After we talked for a bit...a little while later he emailed me and wrote me a short poem. I won't post it here. LOL. I printed out his email and pasted it into my actual journal. No one has ever written anything for me. And my heart melted. Hahaha. I probably sound like a total cheeseball right now. But I cannot help it. I love him so much <3


October 01, 2010

Another test.

HAHAHA! I totally downloaded another trial version...this time just a blog editor. I have 30 days with this trial. Yay for trying things out before making a purchase.

Test, test, testing.

I just downloaded a trial version of MacJournal. It is a software for Mac to edit blogs and also create journals. Lets see if I like this and if it is worth the purchase of $39.95.